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AQDL2 Data Logger
AQDL Data Logger

RKM Engineering Services Ltd produces a comprehensive Environmental Information System (EIS) to provide the solution for data acquisition, data management and reporting requirements in Environmental Monitoring applications.

Parameters to be measured, such as SO2, NOx, PM10, H2S, Opacity, wind speed, direction, temperature, RH, precipitation, pH, turbidity, stack emission, etc.
Communication network (dial-up or dedicated phone lines, radio, spread-spectrum, cellular phone, tcp/ip, etc.
Central EIS for Reporting, alarming, quality control, archiving, web data publishing
Client EIS workstations, connected via LAN, WAN

This system provides a network to gather data on environmental parameters relating to air quality, water quality and water resources. The acquired information is processed and presented to the user at a central site, in the form of real-time data reports and/or using alarm annunciation. RKM Engineering's system is distinguished by the utilization of colour graphic displays, such as site maps, with real-time data displayed at the appropriate location. The central system produces historical reports in the format required by regulating agencies, from a database updated automatically from the individual data bases at remote sites or other EIS systems.

A typical system consists of a number of remote site locations, where data is acquired, and a central site where the data is presented. At the remote sites, data loggers,such as eg. SCADAPack RTUs or TeleSAFE RTUs, both manufactured by Control Microsystems Inc. of Kanata, Ontario, acquire data from a number of sensors or instruments, eg. air quality parameters (SO2, NO, NO2, O3, H2S, PM10), water quality parameters (pH, turbidity, conductivity, flow) and meteorological parameters (temperature, wind direction and speed, precipitation, humidity, solar radiation, barometric pressure). The TeleSAFE AQDL RTUs utilize a BASIC program, designated AQDL and produced by RKM Engineering, to process, validate and average the data for storage and on-site reporting and for transmission to the central on request. Similarly, the SCADAPack AQDL2 RTUs utilize a 'C' program, designated AQDL2, to do the same. All parameters are processed in a manner appropriate to their characteristics, eg. pH is averaged logarithmically, wind utilizes vector-averaging, precipitation is totalized, etc. Auto calibration scheduling and processing with invalidation and result reporting, an important feature for quality control of air quality data, is performed by the AQDL/AQDL2 programs as well. Communication between central and remotes can be via dial-up or leased lines, using a radio link or tcp/ip connection; it always uses an industry standard error-free protocol ("MODBUS RTU") to ensure reliable data transfer over noisy remote communication links. The EIS can support data loggers other than TeleSAFE RTUs, please contact RKM Engineering for details.

The central system hardware consists of a Windows2000 or XP platform. EIS2008 is an MS-Access2000-2007 application, which can be networked over a LAN or WAN. The system can support all Windows compatible ports, for user reporting, remote displays, and various communication links. Various program modules are available for generation of historical reports (monthly matrix, multi-parameter daily report, browser, calibration results), real time reporting, alarming, graphic map displays, remote and central configuration control, trending, editing, and export to popular spreadsheet programs. Perhaps the most powerful feature for air quality systems is the display of a wind vector on site maps, facilitating correlation of remote pollution readings with the polluting sources (stacks). Selection of reports and parameters is extremely convenient, requiring a minimum of key strokes or mouse clicks.

Some of the EIS2008 features are:

bulletGraphic map displays on the central system and/or on remote display systems, with automatic updating of real-time data; data is displayed in user selectable colours, different for normal and alarm values.
bulletVoice alarming and calling of alarm phone numbers with appropriate voice alarm messages is available.
bulletEasy selection of groups of parameters to be reported on.
bulletMonthly reports include legends of meaning and frequency of specially flagged data, as well as alarm occurrences.
bulletConfigurations are easily user adjustable.
bulletCustom applications can be accommodated at low cost.
bulletAutomatic data file generation.
bulletAutomatic retrieval of all data stored during power or communication failures.
bulletAutomatically scheduled report generation, can be directed to screen, printers, ftp- or e-mail destinations, in a wide array of formats.

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Last modified: March 17, 2009